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Come to the Darkside with this world first Ojo De Dios (ODD) Cafe Mezcal. It is an all natural, 100% Mexican agave with sustainably grown agave hearts, cooked in an underground oven for up to 10 days. It has then been double distilled in small batches and combined with the finest Mexican coffee. The result is spectacular – a rich dark chocolate with smoked cinnamon, a hint of liquorice and butterscotch, entwined with fresh agave notes and smoky coffee. 8/8 Cocktails couldn’t resist crossing to the dark side to create this very special Negroni to highlight the light smokiness and umami notes perfectly.


To take this limited cocktail to the next level, each 200ml bottle comes with a rare and yet to be released Cocktail Elements Pomelo atomiser. The 3.0 ml atomiser will garnish over 10 cocktails, and is the perfect pairing for this smokey Negroni. As a reward for coming to the dark side, each bottle also comes with a very collectable and original 1977 Star Wars card. Series 1 limited to just 5 (200 ml) bottles

Recommended Atomiser: Pomelo (3.0ml sample atomiser included with each Darkside Negroni bottle)

Recommended Playful Garnish: Original 1977 Collectors Card (included with each Darkside Negroni bottle)

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200 ML

Only 3 left in stock


Only 3 left in stock