Citrus Pepper


Add one spray to garnish a cocktail with the rich, exotic aroma and flavour of the finest citrus peppers

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Each Atomiser is a sustainable, high quality garnish spray specifically designed for cocktails. Helping to reduce wastage, they provide year-round access to peak seasonal flavours and deliver the perfect serve every time. Citrus peppers have an incredible scent: a beguiling combination of fragrant floral notes over rich mandarin and marmalade, with a base of warm spice and sandalwood.

Delivering the most complex aromatics, this Atomiser has been tuned so the extraction carries only a hint of spicy heat, so this is a very flexible garnish: for that slightly different old fashioned, innovative whisky sour, or just sprayed on top of your favourite spirit on ice. Made using only smooth organic alcohol and the finest citrus peppers at the peak of their season, this concentrated essence is produced through a proprietary, chilled distillation method, tuned at a molecular level. The revolutionary, alcohol-based extract works in perfect harmony with the palate of any drink, delivering a complex scent and flavour profile. Add one spray to garnish a cocktail with the rich fragrance of Citrus Pepper. The 20ml spray can typically garnish over 80 drinks

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