Add one spray to garnish a cocktail with the rich scent and flavour of the finest coffee

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Each Atomiser is a sustainable, high quality garnish spray specifically designed for cocktails. Helping to reduce wastage, they provide year-round access to peak seasonal flavours and deliver the perfect serve every time. Produced in collaboration with the famous London coffee merchants H R Higgins, this Atomiser explores the full flavour profile of a fine coffee, from the first ethereal scent to the satisfying warm finish. The organic, fair trade coffee comes from Peru where it is grown by Isaias Rivera Cruz and his family. The farm lies in the Cajamarca region in the district of La Coipa, and H R Higgins source the beans directly via the 121 Project.

Most of the coffee cherries were picked in August when they were at their optimum level of maturation and sweetness. The cherries are processed at the farm using a traditional method of fermentation tanks and eco pulpers. The waste generated by the processing of the cherries is treated in oxidation tanks to avoid any contamination of water tables downstream. This coffee was chosen not only because of its excellent environmental credentials, but because of its extraordinary aroma and palate. Apricot and orange bright notes complement a rich, dark flavour arc, and the complexity makes it particularly suitable to molecular extraction. By carefully tuning the process, this atomiser pulls out the full range of flavours and aromas in an ultra-concentrated extract for spray use. The revolutionary, alcohol-based extract works in perfect harmony with the palate of any drink, delivering a complex scent and flavour profile. Add one spray to garnish a cocktail with the rich scent and flavour of the finest Coffee. The 20ml spray can typically garnish over 80 drinks

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